Thursday, 11 February 2010

Had a day off yesterday and spent it with the kids ,which was great.
Picked Ciaran up from play group and did spag/bol for tea.
Siobhan loved it and Ciaran wouldn't touch it.... ho hum.
Back to work today so best get the bike out ..
Soon warm up once ya get going.
Got some stuff to do with the house on Saturday morning but that should leave time for a shortish local ride as long as we can get started by noon..
Not sure were yet , but something will come to me I am sure..

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  1. Hey, found you via Clive's blog.

    I'm a saddo blogger too, started because I wanted somewhere to share my cycling news where people might be actually interested (wifey gets bored v. quickly) and somewhere to document my attempt at shifting weight. Have to say the support has been excellent and made some good friends, Clive included. You can read it at if you're interested.

    Am based just north of Swindon and heavily involved with - have you seen it?

    Have fun.